Gajray Mei Lohay Ki Taar Chupadi: Aseerzadi Episode 1 Review


Episode 1

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Writer: Mustafa Afreedi

Director: Ahtasham Aldeen

Cast: Sania Saeed, Farah Shah, Sakeena Samoon, Salman Shahid, Noor Hasan Amy Jaferi, Alishba Mahmood, Sania Shamshaad and Yasir Soomro.Producer: Momina Duraid


Mustafa Afreedi presents a reality check for society through his writing in Hum TV’s new drama serial “Aseerzadi”. It is the story of a family that is traditionally involved in “Peeri-Mureedi”. This year’s long custom remunerates the power of selflessness in every woman of the family, where they have “Bari Sarkar” who is the third wife and dictator of the other wives.

It really fascinated me to explore the harsh reality of the society, I never thought would have exist and made woman so miserable. Inefficient ways of dealing with woman and condemning them for being born with feminine side of human struck the negative side of society. Gender has been an issue for years but I never thought would be prevalent in elitist classes of society to terrible extent. Women are merely commodities in such traditional families, and this is exactly “Mustafa Afreedi” points out in “Aseerzadi”.

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Interesting part was the haweli culture that has been shown with an artistic peculiarity, the harmonium and the qawals playing folk songs added glamour to the picture. The traditional symbolism took my mind away from my busy life, and gave a peaceful relaxation to see another side of the world. However the relationships reality was really disturbing but knocked out a wave in me of being part of the same society.

Initial plot was excellently contrived and gave another facet of traditional lives, the proper images of the raja maharaja prolonged empires treatment was mesmerizing for the eyes. The music perfectly supported the imagery of the plot and gave a soothing feeling like that of meditation and yoga. I’m really looking forward to upcoming plots of the drama. Let’s see where it leads “bari Sarkar” and her family.

Another important aspect that makes me question the reality is also generated through Aseerzadi is why this “bhaidBhao” in treating women of the same family, only because she couldn’t give the “Waris” to the family? Are we still incapable of understanding the power of nature? How can we just neglect the fact over others that Life and Death is not in human hands?

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Reviewed By: Shyrose Vastani

HUM Network Interactive Department