Mujhe ap pe Yakeen Hai… Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai Episodes 8 & 9: A Review

Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai

Episodes 8 & 9

Baba, Mama, Bhai, Sara! Mei ap sab ki kasam kha ke kehta hu k  mei bilkul be qasoor hu. Ye ilzam meri bardasht ki had se bohat agey hai. Mei aisa tasawaur bhi nai karsakta. Ap sab logo ne itni asaani se kese yakeen karlia. Ye sab Narmeen ki saazish hai. Mujhe nahi pata k usne ye sab kio kia wo kia chahti hai. Magar ye sab usi ne kia hai….

A strong and healthy relationship always requires some tertiary steps which if followed can definitely prove to be consolidating. Firstly both partners should trust each other while secondly they should never hide anything be it good or bad. Arhem is trying to be a good spouse to his wife Areeba because he thinks that there should be nothing that should be left unsaid between them. Areeba should know everything about his past and specifically Narmeen’s deceit in Arhem’s life. “Narmeen is baat ko leke mujhe bohat disturb karti hai black mail kerti hai mujhe… Mei akela Narmeen se muqabla nahi karsakta, mujhe tumhara sath chahye Areeba”.

Despite of Narmeen’s absurd plus cunning attempts to call off Arhem’s wedding Areeba entered the family as the ‘Choti Bahu’. The best thing about Areeba’s personality as yet is that she has no concerns with Arhem’s past and even if there was anything she still is steadfast on having a relationship with Arhem not out of sympathy but only love.

The 9th episode was classic in itself. The mystery has been unfolded at last in the 9th episode. The flashbacks coming from the past are absolutely an amazing pattern to depict the story that nicely and interestingly. As good as the story has been written, it has been directed even more well with the efforts of the entire team.

The mystery of the untold truth was at last revealed in this week’s episode. Arhem told everything to his wife Areeba that how he was trapped by Narmeen who accused him of adultery. “Usne mujh per badkaari ka ghatiya ilzam lagaya tha“. Areeba on the other hand seemed to be a good listener to Arhem and heard everything very soberly to what he said without panicking.

Narmeen’s plan to humiliate Arhem in front of everyone in the house at last came out to be perfect for her. Arhem so easily got trapped in Narmeen’s web where she disgraced him of his honor for his entire life. It kept me wondering that how quickly she had been able to entangle Arhem in such a series of confusing events that even a normal person would ever recognize if it was a set up or not. Even Arhem’s father and rest of the members in the house were all convinced that Arhem really committed that sin. Arhem couldn’t even believe that how he got rapt that easily in Narmeen’s trap of vengeance and betrayal which she tried every possible way to humiliate Arhem in front of everyone in the house.

My personal favorite scene from the 9th episode was Arhem’s confession in front of the Almighty when there was no one left who could believe his truth that he is innocent. The entire scene with the OST running in the background gave me goose-bumps with a sheer chill. Perfectly directed and presented in an amazing way.

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Cheers :D

Reviewed By: Zarish Gill

HUM Network Interactive Department

  • atif

    MUJHY KHUDA PEH YAQEEN HEY,yeha who alfaz hain jin pey insan ke sachay aur purameed honey ka yaqeen hey key koi dosari taqat us ko na mar sakti hey aur na kisy mamaly main LET DOWN ker sakti hye,woderful episodes going of this drama that if y have trust than no body can fail y even on GOD or even on ANY HUMAN.

  • Wajid Hussain

    I love this drama very much..
    It touches heart and soul.

  • Wajid Hussain

    Well said Mr. Atif

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