Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai Episode 1: A Review

Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai

Episode 1


Writer:      Seema Munaf and Atiya Dawood

Director:   Barkat Ali Sidiki

Cast:          Ahsan Khan, Mekaal Zulfiqar, Ayesha Khan, Momal Shiekh, Shakeel, Sajida Syed etc


As we can clearly observe from the title the main and central idea of the drama is to have faith on the Almighty, which will be seen throughout. Whatever the evil forces may try to make a human, yet what God wants is always done. And we call it as “Thy Will Be Done”!!!

If a person has a strong faith in God then HE Himself hears that person’s prayers and does bring justice to him.

The first episode started with a wedding scenario. Arrangements were being made for Shahique and Narmeen’s (played by Mikaal Zulfiqar and Ayesha Khan) wedding. It seemed that Arhem (Ahsan Khan) was being pressurized or being forced for something.  Zabardasti! Arhem, zindagi mei bohat moke atey hain jab insaan ko zabardasti apne dil per pathar rakh ker bohat kuch karna parta hai. Zeher ke ghoont peene partey hain jabar karna parta hai” Arhem’s father uttered. Sometimes in life we have to face things that we never want to. The last things in life sometimes become the first ones – hard to swallow and difficult to neglect. Ignorance is really bliss but sometimes it just becomes heavy on us, hard to avoid the circumstances we are living in. No matter how much we run away from those things that we don’t want in our lives to happen, they come before us over and over again. The more we run the more they come forward. The heart just breaks down into pieces and there is no one to pick them up. Suddenly it feels alone inside. Yet the reality that is before us cannot be denied.

Things that we own on our way to a destination that had to end at happiness are suddenly lost sometimes. A little hitch or a slight jerk can turn everything upside down. Never expected never seen coming through. Life is a pack of unexpected things and suddenly we don’t realize that they are uncertain in nature. No one can be happy for eternity. A human being is born and made to suffer. It is a part of life. Death or maybe the life hereafter may be peaceful for us but this life – (A code of silence), Sighs!!!! Wish we could turn things up into something else.

Well okay enough of the heavy. The drama in the first place sounded a bit surreal. The reason why Arhem was behaving strange. I wondered if he was always like that or did something happen to him. It is a secret yet that has not been disclosed. And I think the whole story revolves around this secret what Arhem has done that cannot be undone and is unforgivable. Arhem believes that he is innocent but people in the rest of the family are all of the same view that he has done wrong whatever it is. Arhem therefore believes that if no one is on his side there is only God who knows the truth and will bring justice to him.

I think that the concept and the story line of the drama is a fabulous pick by writers Seema Munaf and Atiya Dawood, that will keep the audiences engaged in the curiosity to know what went wrong.

The raging anger inside Arhem has developed into something else that he always is in a bad mood not talking to anyone and trying to get away with everything.  He even scolds a cousin at the wedding so bad that everyone notices it.

So well now Narmeen is the new bride and Bahu of the house yet she doesn’t get what she deserves. The first night her husband Shahique treats her like a stranger and eventually they started a weak bonding. Shahique does not seem to be happy marrying Narmeen in the first episode.

Areeba Sarah’s friend has come over to stay at her house and observes Arhem’s strange attitude. Let’s see how will she manage living in the same house with a guy who has some attitude problem.

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Reviewed By: Zarish Gill

HUM Network Interactive Department